I write and produce the music I make via a home studio setup with a large collection of sound libraries, synths and digital effects. These composer staples are supplemented and expanded with various digital modular synths, foley libraries and sample manipulation programs.

Employing such programs and creating large scale works requires a significant number of tracks to attain the complex, multi-layered arrangements I strive to build. Combining this with memory intensive sound libraries and synths as well as the necessary effects plugins required to make each track sound polished and well produced places a heavy burden on CPU processing power. In this regard, I utilise a Mac Pro with 64gb RAM and tri-monitor setup to achieve the best results possible from my work.

My work is archived via a three separate external hard drives to ensure consistency of versions and continuity of data. Each time I save a copy of a work, I immediately copy multiple versions of it to the various drives, ensuring that failure of one drive or even two at the same time will not compromise my output.